10-seater gondola lift Alp Sogn Martin – La Siala

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LAAX never stands still. Not only in the valley and on the slopes, but also in between. The 10-seater gondola lift Sogn Martin – La Siala replaces the 3-seater chairlift of the same name from 1982 in a staggered and more than one kilometre longer route. The cabins constructed by the cabin manufacturer Sigma with exceptional design from Pininfarina (Ferrari) have maximum freedom of movement, comfortable high-quality seat upholstery with seat heating, excellent winter protection and panoramic views. The energy for the seat heating is supplied by the photovoltaics on the façade of the Sogn Martin valley station. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the 216 nostalgic chairs from the old La Siala chairlift were donated to support the survivors of the earthquake disaster in Nepal. With the completion of the new lift, the “Revolution on the Mountain” infrastructure project is complete.


Mio. CHF investment


Seconds travel time


Metres altitude difference


Metres travel distance



December 2015

Casutt Wyrsch Zwicky AG, Falera

Schneller Caminada Architekten, Trin

Leitner Schweiz AG

Sterzing, Italy

Pininfarina (Ferrari)

Sigma, Veyrins-Thuellin (F)

  • Conveying capacity: 2,000 p/h initial extension, 2,400 p/h final extension
  • Drive: Direct drive type LD10 with frequency converter (energy-efficient drive)
  • Weight of one cabin: 875 kilograms
  • Number of cabs: 70 cabs initial extension; 84 cabs final extension
  • Support cable diameter: 58 millimetres

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