Greenstyle is Our Response to the Global Challenges of Climate Change and Biodiversity

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The entire electricity requirement of Weisse Arena Gruppe has already been covered 100% by Swiss hydropower since 2008, but our vision goes even further: with the help of the Greenstyle sustainability concept implemented in 2010, the entire destination of Flims Laax Falera is to become the first self-sufficient Alpine destination and cover 100% of its energy needs with climate-friendly, regional sources. This vision encompasses the entire geographical area of Trin, Flims, Laax, Falera and Sagogn.

Our Plan in Six Steps

To achieve our vision, we are working according to a 6-step plan. With the help of this plan, the entire destination is to be transformed from an energy consumer to an energy producer.

Renovation of existing buildings, e-mobility and promotion of pedestrian and bicycle traffic

Replacing oil heating and climate-friendly building materials

Solar panels on roofs and facades

Battery and hydrogen vehicles and charging infrastructure

Wind farm, hydropower and photovoltaics

Storage lakes, hydrogen and batteries

Greenstyle Expert Reto Fry on the Vision

“The following calculations show that our vision is realistic: The total energy demand of the destination today is 280 GWh and the potential for energy production is estimated at 290 GWh. This already sounds promising. But it gets even better: through maximum energy efficiency, the destination’s total energy demand is to be reduced to 179 GWh.”

Our Standards

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Industry Pioneer

Implement solutions instead of discussing problems.

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Transparency to promote trust.

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Courage to change! We try out new things, inspire and continuously get better.

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"Saving the world" and having fun while doing it!

Our playground is the lift facilities, six hotels, 32 restaurants and bars, seven sports and rental shops, a ski, snowboarding and bike school, and a management and construction company. We promote the community and involve guests, employees and committed volunteers. Our goal is to inspire locally to globally with Greenstyle. Because together we can achieve more.

The Greenstyle Book

Greenstyle Book «how to run a sustainable alpine destination» – this is the name of the book from the Weissen Arena Gruppe that reflects our vision of a sustainable alpine destination. The tenth anniversary of our sustainability strategy was the reason for writing the Greenstyle Book and sharing our experiences and visions with employees, locals, guests and all interested parties. The result is a book of over 250 pages. It summarises projects, goals and visions of the past 10 years and is intended to serve as a guide for more sustainability.

The Greenstyle book to flip through online


Our Achievements by 2020

Our Goals until 2023

By 2023, our energy consumption is to be reduced by 0.4gwh.

In addition to the already 100% Swiss hydropower, we will generate up to 1gwh from our own solar, wind or hydro plants.

By replacing all oil heating systems with climate-friendly systems in all our buildings, we will reduce our CO2 emissions by 100% by 2023.

Our motto is “reduce, reuse, recycle”! We use less packaging and reusable instead of disposable solutions and additionally recycle plastic.

We continue to reduce the use of unethically produced products and increase the transparency of the origin of our products towards our guests.

In new buildings and refurbishments, we rely on nature-oriented infrastructure such as green roofs, Bosco Verticale, ecologically valuable plants and green company areas.

Greenstyle Foundation

The Greenstyle Foundation is a non-profit organisation – a cooperation of the Weisse Arena Gruppe and committed people and companies of the holiday destination Flims Laax Falera. It is dedicated to the preservation of our environment. The foundation was established by the Weisse Arena Gruppe in 2016. Since then, the Weisse Arena Gruppe has supported the foundation with various measures to raise funds. We use the donated money to support charitable projects in the region.

Greenstyle Projects

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