Greenstyle Is Our Response to the Global Challenges of Climate Change and the Promotion of Biodiversity

The winter seasons are getting shorter and the snow line is rising. We therefore have the clear objective of no longer using fossil fuels and supplying the entire operation with 100% renewable energy; “from consumer to producer”. With the help of Greenstyle.

Our Goals

Maximum energy efficiency: Energy that is not consumed is the most environmentally friendly and cheapest energy. Therefore, the reduction of energy losses through the electrification of mobility, building renovations and the promotion of non-motorised transport are central.

Energy supply: We want to transform the destination from a consumer of fossil energy to a producer of regional and renewable energy. The decarbonisation of buildings and mobility and the expansion of solar energy are the focus.

In the destination of Flims Laax Falera we are at the source of clean water. Nevertheless, the distribution battle has long since begun here as well. Many bodies of water are polluted by overuse and construction. We want to use water better and more efficiently and prevent pollution.

Waste is resources in the wrong place. Following the guiding principle «reduce, reuse, recycle», we strive for a circular economy: no new resources are needed, everything is reused. The goal: prevent littering and keep the environment clean.

Minimum distance, maximum quality: keeping everything as local and seasonal as possible means shorter transport routes and promotes the local economy.

It is the absolute alpha and omega of our planet: biodiversity! In order to keep it that way, we protect it and iron out the mistakes of the past.

The Greenstyle Book

The tenth anniversary of Greenstyle provided the impetus for the Greenstyle Book “How to run a sustainable alpine destination” and the decision to share all our experiences and visions to date with employees, locals, second homes, guests and all interested parties. The result is a book of over 250 pages. It summarises the projects, goals and visions of the past 10 years and is intended to serve as a guide to how alpine tourism can work in harmony with nature. The Greenstyle book is available for purchase in physical form in the LAAX app.

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Greenstyle Report

We all have the unique opportunity to build a future based on infinite resources. Thanks to efficiency measures and the economical use of resources, we are strengthening our economic viability. And with regional, climate-friendly energies, we will become independent of energy imports, increase security of supply and create new jobs – without jeopardising biodiversity. This is important to us – for ourselves and for future generations.


With the Greenstyle concept, we have put together a comprehensive package of measures. Around 200 larger and smaller projects have already been implemented. We are far from perfect. Nor do we claim to be. But we are constantly learning and developing. The Greenstyle management report helps us to periodically review the measures and their effectiveness, adjust them if necessary and create transparency.


Greenstyle Report 2022/23 (in German)

Greenstyle Report 2021/22 (in German)

Greenstyle Foundation

The Greenstyle Foundation is a non-profit organisation that was founded by the Weisse Arena Gruppe in 2016. Since then, the Weisse Arena Gruppe has supported the foundation in various fundraising activities. The money donated is used to support charitable projects in the region in cooperation with committed people and local companies.

Greenstyle Projects

30. May 2024

Early Bloomer Campaign by the Greenstyle Foundation

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15. March 2024

Modernisation of the Engine of the Crap Masegn Aerial Cableway

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16. October 2023

Decarbonisation of the heating system at Berghaus Nagens

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