Nagens Trail – The World’s First Bike Trail Built with 100% E-Energy

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By August 2020, a construction project will be implemented in Flims Laax Falera that should particularly inspire mountain bikers: The new Nagens Mountain Bike Trail. Only renewable energy from hydropower and solar energy will be used for the entire construction. From the excavator to the chain saw, all equipment is electrically powered. Even the journey of the trail builders and all other people involved in the construction is done by e-car or e-bike; greenstyle.


For Claudio Caluori of Velosolutions, it is clear that such unusual challenges are to be expected in a pioneering project like this. As the founder of the company, he and his team build trails and pump tracks all over the world and is therefore used to adapting to the most diverse conditions: “Just transporting the machines up the mountain was the first hurdle: Since we couldn’t find an electric vehicle, we drove straight up the mountain with the electric excavators, and of course we ran out of battery halfway up. But we made it to the next charging station, and two hours later our team was at the start of construction,” he reports.


The construction of the Nagens Trail involves much more than the use of electric devices: The constant exchange with the regional forest engineer, the environmental authorities and experts is just as much a part of everyday life as keeping a specification sheet. All interventions in nature – flora and fauna, groundwater, landscape and surface water – are recorded in these specifications.


The new enduro single trail leads over 4 kilometres from Nagens to Plaun and thus forms the last section for the bike development from the Grauberg mountain station to Flims. From Plaun you can return to the valley via the two existing trails Green Valley or Runca Trail. You can get to the start from Flims via the Foppa – Naraus chairlift and then with the Grauberg cable car. Like the existing Runca Trail, the Nagens Trail is categorised with the difficulty level red. Advanced mountain bikers with trail experience will feel right at home on it.



August 2020


The world’s first bike trail built with 100% electric energy/ realisation exclusively with electric equipment

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