Bike to work 2020: New Weisse Arena Gruppe record

Frauen mit Fahrrad Bike to Work Rekord Weiße Arena Gruppe Nachhaltige Aktien

No record is no solution! And so in 2020, the previous year’s record of 7,133 bike kilometres was once again surpassed. Once again, the team from Downstairs Casa Prima – this year affectionately known as “Hosalotteries” – was the most diligent among the colleagues and, with 1,645 km, also beat its own record from the previous year once again. Second place goes to the mountain railway team “ja mir san mim radl do”, which not only impressed with its creative name, but also with a proud 1,460 km.


But record or not, we can all be doubly proud of our performance this year. After all, the whole Challenge was postponed from May/June to September/October, which meant one or the other day with a snow-covered saddle for mountain bikers like us. But enough of the praise, let’s take a quick look at what else we achieved: 1’333kg Co2 corresponds to the emissions of a flight from Zurich to Athens back. This means that one of us can now fly to Greece on holiday with a clear conscience. Joking aside, rule number one when offsetting is that a smaller consumption is still better than the best offset.

Bike to work 2020 in numbers






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