The new Crap Sogn Gion mountain station

The mission: From a consumer to a producer

The Crap Sogn Gion is the heart of the winter sports area in LAAX. It is the logistical hub, the meeting place for freestylers from all over the world, a place of national and international renown. Over the years, however, the mountain station at Crap Sogn Gion has grown with little control, which is why the individual parts no longer function together optimally. The renovation of the mountain station should lead the building and the mountain into a sustainable future. This offers the opportunity to transform the Crap Sogn Gion from a consumer to a producer. This mission is to be implemented over the next few years and completed by 2026.

The situation today: A complex construct

The mountain station of Crap Sogn Gion was built in the 1960s and has been continuously expanded over the years. The building complex includes the mountain station of the Murschetg-Crap Sogn Gion aerial cableway and the valley station of the Crap Sogn Gion-Crap Masegn aerial cableway. The building also houses restaurants, hotels and a co-working space with a conference area. The Crap Sogn Gion is the largest and most inefficient consumer in the current building stock of the Weissen Arena Gruppe, both economically and ecologically. It has an annual consumption of 150,000 litres of heating oil, 400,000 kWh of electricity and 6,000,000 litres of drinking water. It is time to transform the Crap Sogn Gion mountain station and will be renovated by 2026 at a cost of around 35 million Swiss Francs.

The idea: rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle

A sustainable architecture will create a mountain station that will bring people and nature closer together. The Crap Sogn Gion station will be refubished using high-quality and local materials. A large part of the building materials used in the existing building will be reused or recycled and thus returned to the material cycle. As early as the 1960s, when the mountain station was built, the circular building was constructed from the arena of Expo64. “Reuse” therefore already has a history at Crap Sogn Gion.

The Crap Sogn Gion is intended to have maximum energy efficiency and operate largely self-sufficiently. The outer shell is not only to be designed as a façade, but also to become an energy producer at the same time. Maximum integration of photovoltaics system will cover around 75% of the energy consumption. The goal is also to reduce the current annual energy consumption of 150,000 litres of heating oil and 400,000 kWh of electricity as well as 6,000,000 litres of drinking water by 75%.

The Crap Sogn Gion Futur nestles in the landscape

The implementation: sustainable construction

The renovation will be realised in several stages. The aim is to intervene only in the most necessary way and to build in a way that conserves resources. Sustainable building means avoiding demolition, recognising the existing building stock as a resource and reducing operating costs. The existing building stock is largely preserved and only deconstructed or extended where necessary.

Existing building

A complex construct consisting of lift stations, GALAAXY and Hangar

Intervention 1

Peel out the circular building, the lift station 1 and the lift station 2 as well as the Hangar, deconstruct the middle section

Intervention 2

Create a central connecting building between the lift station, the circular building and the Hangar

Final building

The new Crap Sogn Gion blends seamlessly into the landscape, is openly accessible and creates new panoramic views.

The Vision


In planning stage

Building application: Spring 2023
Building permit: Autumn 2023
Construction planning and award of contract: 2024
Start of construction work: Spring 2025
Opening: Winter 2026/27


AFF Architekten, Berlin/Lausanne

The sustainable conversion of one of the oldest buildings in LAAX into an energy-efficient hub for the winter sports area.

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