Renovation of the Crap Sogn Gion building

Renovation Crap Sogn Gion Investitionen in Hotels Weiße Arena Gruppe Aktien

The mountain station of Crap Sogn Gion was built in the 1960s and is the largest and most inefficient consumer in the current building stock of the Weissen Arena Gruppe, both economically and ecologically. The renovation of the mountain station is not only ecologically sensible, but also necessary from an economic perspective. It offers the opportunity to transform Crap Sogn Gion from a consumer to a producer and at the same time create a new guest experience. In terms of operation and architecture, the conversion should become a lighthouse project and point the way for sustainable approaches in the tourism industry.


Planing stage


AFF Architekten, Zürich

The sustainable conversion of one of the oldest buildings in LAAX into an energy-efficient hub for the winter sports area.

Vision for the future

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Renovation of the Crap Sogn Gion building

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